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Covid-19 and life in the city

This piece takes a lot of at life in the city while dealing with Covid-19
Sustainable building

Five must-know terms associated with sustainable housing

With all the talk about building more sustainably, here are five terminologies to get you started.
Cyclists on bike lane

Why it’s time cities paid more attention to cycling and walking

How can we make our cities more livable? This post examines cycling and walking as some possible solutions.
Indoor air quality

The dynamics of indoor air quality

This post takes a look at indoor air quality and what compromises it.
Solar panel on roof

Read this before jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon

With the ever-increasing calls for a switch to renewable energy to power our homes, there are some fundamental elements that need to be considered first. This post highlights some of these elements.
Low income housing facility

Let’s talk about our urban residential facilities, shall we?

This post takes a look at the different types of housing available in our cities, taking cognizance of the different income levels and tastes of city dwellers
Smog in the atmosphere

Threats to environmental air quality

Air pollution levels in some cities are at 'unbearable levels'. This means the quality of air is compromised. This post examines some of the causes and possible solutions.
Heavy vehicular traffic

Taking a second look at urban mobility

Having relied so heavily on motorized transport, the challenge facing most cities is how to embrace alternative modes of mobility. This post sheds more light on the issue.
Green building

A primer on the environmental dimension of a green building

This post discusses the relationship between a green building and environment.

The built environment as a tool in the climate change fight (ii)

There is an enormous potential for the design and operation of buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Find out how in this post.