About cridbox

Like most of our readers, you’re familiar with some effects of climate change like rising sea levels, crazy rainfall patterns and unusually high temperatures. What’s more, you live in a city and you’ve had to endure some of the associated traffic jams, congestion and pollution in some way.

Wouldn’t you love to see some changes in the way our cities are planned and developed going forward?

Cridbox.com is all about learning and sharing ideas on the sustainable design and development of our cities. Ideas that will lead to better, brighter and resilient cities we can all be proud of.

The areas our blog covers include;

  • the sustainable design of cities and communities in relation to the essential functions of transport, living, working, schooling and shopping
  • sustainable urbanization as relates to inclusive access to decent and affordable housing and related facilities like green and public spaces
  • environmental impacts of cities, and
  • sustainable housing practices like green building.

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Hop aboard, let’s set the wheels of change rolling.